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All Councillors, acting as the Council, attend Council meetings. The General Manager and members of the Executive Management Team also attend the meetings to provide information or advice when called upon by the Council.

Regular meetings of Council are called 'Ordinary Meetings'.

'Special Meetings' of Council may also be called to enable it to discuss and decide upon specific matters, such as the Budget and the Annual Report.

Unless otherwise noted on the Agenda for the meeting, Council Meetings are held in the Council Chambers, The Max Centre, Balo Street, Moree, on the second and fourth Thursday of the month, commencing at 4pm.

Members of the public and the media are welcome to attend Council Meetings and view from the gallery. Council encourages your interest in local issues and appreciates community members taking the time to attend. However, if you prefer to keep up-to-date via the Internet, you can find all Council's meeting details including times, dates, agendas and minutes here.
Please be aware that from time-to-time Council meetings are recorded for the purposes of ensuring the accuracy of the Minutes. 
Photographs are sometimes taken during the course of a Council meeting.  If you do not wish to have your photograph taken, please inform a staff member at the beginning of the meeting.



 Download  calendar for Council and Committee Meetings

Scheduled Ordinary Council Meetings 


Feburary 09/23
March 02/09/23
April 27
May 11/25
June 08/22
July 13/27
August 10/24
September 14/28
October 12/26
November 09/23
December 14
Archived Council Meetings

Public Forums

Public Forums provide an opportunity for members of the community to address the Councillors on issues on the Council Meeting agenda. 
The Public Forum is held shortly after the commencement of the Council Meeting, so community members wishing to address the Council must be present at 2pm. There is no other opportunity to address Council during the course of a Council Meeting.

Any items such as notes, photographs and any other documentation used during your address/presentation to the Councillors will be required for Council’s records.

Public Forum Procedure

1.    The Chairperson, usually the Mayor, will announce that the Council will 'move' into Public Forum. The Chairperson will ask if any person in the Public Gallery wishes to address Council. If you wish to address Council, move to stand next to the Chairperson. Clearly, state your name and indicate which Agenda item you wish to speak to.

2.    No debate or comment will be made by Councillors after your presentation, but your comments will be taken into account when Councillors consider the Agenda item on which you are presenting.

Open Public Forums

In addition to the Public Forums held at Council Meetings, Council also provides opportunities for members of the community to address the Councillors on any topic of interest.
Open Public Forums are held in the Council Chambers, Max Centre, Balo Street, Moree, on the first Thursday of the months of February, May, August and November.

Business Papers (Agendas) and Minutes

 Before each Council meeting a Business Paper (Agenda), which details the items that are to be presented to a Council meeting, is prepared.

Readers should be aware that the Recommendations and Notices of Motion as set out in the Council Business Paper are simply proposals to the Council for its consideration.

The Council may adopt these proposals, amend the proposals, determine a completely different course of action, or decline to pursue any course of action. The decision of the Council becomes a resolution of the Council and is recorded in the Council Minutes.

Standing Committees


Under Clause 260(1) of the Local Government (General) Regulations 2005, a council may, by resolution, establish such committees as it considers necessary. A committee is to consist of the mayor and such other councillors as are elected by the councillors or appointed by the council.


The establishment of committees allows councillors to examine, at a more detailed level, certain aspects of the functions the council provides. The committees make recommendations to the full council. These recommendations, if adopted, then become council resolutions.


At the Ordinary Council Meeting held on 29 September 2016, it was resolved that the Council would form three (3) Standing Committees, being:


1. Strategic Asset and Works Committee

2. Finance and Governance Committee

3. Community Development and Services Committee


Meetings will be held on the following days, commencing at 2pm:

• Second Thursday of month – Strategic Asset and Works Committee

• Third Thursday of month – Finance and Governance Committee

• Fourth Thursday of the month – Community Development and Services Committee


The Standing Committees Charter outlines the functions of each committee along with information on our they operate and the opportunities for the community to be involved. 


2017 Scheduled Council Meetings

DRAFT Asset Management Strategy 2017 To 2028
Draft Buildings Asset Management Plan V1 2017
Draft Water Asset Management Plan V1
Sewer Asset Management Plan V1 2017
16 Business Paper

2 3

Community Development And Services Committee - 23 February 2017



Works 16 Finance And Governance 23 Community


20 Finance 27  
MAY 11 Works 18




Supporting Documents


Late Report Intermodal Workshop
Late Report Internet Project


Supporting Report

20 27




Q2 Report

24 Community 
SEPTEMBER 14   21 Finance 28  Community
OCTOBER 12 Works 


19 26






Archived Committee Meetings

For further information 
Prior to a meeting:
Please contact the Executive Office on (02) 6757 3380 during office hours.

During a meeting:
Please ask one of the staff members seated at the minute taker’s desk, located in the top corner of the room.