We actively promote the shire as a family-friendly region with good opportunities
for education and sporting interests.

The Moree Plains Shire community is a strong and vibrant rural community that enjoys the best of the inland lifestyle, complete with all the modern conveniences and services.

The population of Moree Plains is 13,429 (ABS, 2011 census). The population of the area swells considerably during cotton chipping season (November-January), which also overlaps with the peak period for touristís long-term stays to take advantage of the Spa Baths (August-December).

Twenty one point one per cent (21.1%) of the population of Moree Plains Shire identified as Aboriginal. Australian born residents make up 85.2% of the population and people from other English speaking countries make up another 4.26%.

Unlike most other inland and coastal centres across Australia, Moree has an abundance of water from both the Gwydir and Mehi Rivers and groundwater reserves. The guaranteed long-term supply of water is a key attraction for industry and lifestyle.

Plains Shire Council supports the community in many ways, particularly through such services and programs as:

Gwydir Day Care and Preschool
Moree Plains Youth Council
Big Sky Libraries

Emergency Services Management
Road Safety Program

Moree Plains Shire Council also supports Moree Plains Gallery, which is managed by the Moree Cultural Art Foundation, in promoting and enriching the cultural life of the community through the display of significant works of art.


Collated information from 2011 Census 
     Community Profile  


Moree Plains Shire is a place where people are proud of where they live and who they are.

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