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At some point every day we are all a pedestrian within the road environment. Whether it is walking for leisure, commuting to work or gaining access to the local shops, it is a simple and enjoyable activity.

Pedestrians unlike vehicle occupants, have little or no protection to shield them from the force of a crash; therefore, pedestrian related crashes often result in more severe outcomes.

To support safe walking environments, and protect the vulnerable road users in the event of a crash; Council has a proposed design for the installation pedestrian crossing facilities at the intersection of Heber and Frome Streets and has also applied to implement a 40km/h speed limit in areas of high pedestrian activity including both Frome and Heber Streets. These areas are designed with a range of engineering treatments to reduce speed and increase the safety and amenity for pedestrians in high activity areas such as the CBD. 40km/h speed limit areas generally feature a range of traffic calming measures such as the proposed blister; that will assist in creating a low speed environment ensuring safety for pedestrians.

A mock-up of the designed blister at the intersection of Heber and Frome Streets has been installed using sandbags and Council is seeking Community Feedback about the design. We encourage you all to have a look at the intersection and tell us what you think? Comments can be emailed to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it