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Enquiry Service

  • We respond to correspondence from community members with an initial acknowledgment letter outlining the name and telephone number of the officer handling the matter within two (2) days of receipt
  • We respond to community enquiries in full either in writing or by a telephone call within fourteen (14) days of receipt
  • We will answer the telephone promptly and courteously and return calls within forty-eight (48) hours.


Building and Planning Service

  • We will endeavour to determine development applications within twenty-one (21) days of receipt, where there is no requirement to refer to Council
  • We will endeavour to carry out building inspections within forty-eight (48) hours of a request
  • We will issue building certificates within seven days of receipt.


Planning Issues

  • We will issue Section 149 planning certificates within seven (7) days of receipt
  • We will provide information on land within two (2) weeks of receipt of request
  • We will investigate the provisions relating to land within four weeks of identification of the site.


Environmental Health Services

  • We will initiate action to major pollution incidents within three (3) hours of a call.
  • We will respond to complaints regarding stray dogs within one (1) hour of reporting.
  • We will respond to reports of health incidents within two hours of reporting.
  • We will initiate action for overgrown allotments within two (2) days of notification.

Parks, Ovals and Open Space

  • We will endeavour to provide clean and safe environments for passive recreation use
  • We will maintain sporting ovals to meet playing standards
  • Bookings confirmed
  • Fields prepared before use.



  • We will respond to enquiries regarding potholes, signs and gravel roads within 14 days by either rectifying the problem or advising the customer of an expected time frame for completion of works
  • We will respond to reports regarding blockages in street stormwater drains within 7 days of reporting.


Water, Sewerage and Waste Services

  • We will respond to any spills with possible environmental or health impact problems within three (3) hours of reporting
  • We will respond to system failures within 12 hours of reporting.


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