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Moree Plains Shire recognises that pets are an enormous source of pleasure and companionship for many people. We welcome and encourage responsible pet ownership within the Shire.

Animal Complaints

Moree Plains Shires approach to handling excessive barking and other problems associated with domestic pets.

If you experience unwanted noise from excessive barking or other problems associated with dogs or cats in your local neighbourhood, there are a number of things you can do.

The first measure is to try and resolve the problem amicably. Often, the dog or cat owner may not be aware that their pet is causing a problem and may be more than happy to make changes for the benefit of all parties.

If this approach does not work, you may contact Council on
02 6757 3222 to report the problem. Complaints will be followed up by the Ranger as soon as possible.

Should a dog or cat repeatedly make noise, damage other people’s property or chase people, animals or vehicles, Council can issue a Nuisance Order. A Nuisance Order is $275.00 with the maximum being $880.00.


 Pets bring us so much joy      

Change of Owner/Details

For the NSW Companion Animals Register to work effectively, the contact information it contains must be as current as possible.

In the event that you change your contact details or sell or give away your dog or cat to a new owner, you must advise Council immediately and we will update this information on the register.

It is the responsibility of the ‘old’ owner – and the person selling or giving away the animal – to notify the change. Failure to do so may result in a fine.

Please contact Council for a Change of Owner/Details Form.

Companion Animals Act

The NSW Government legislation that governs the responsibilities of those who own a companion animal such as a cat or dog.

Introduced by the NSW Government in 1998, The Companion Animals Act covers the responsibilities and rights of the owners of companion animals, such as cats and dogs. The aim of the legislation is to protect the rights of animals and their owners in balance with the rights and needs of others in the community.

Under The Companion Animals Act, a new compulsory system of permanent pet identification and lifetime registration was established to ensure that a pet can always be returned home in the event that it is hurt, lost or stolen. Other matters covered by the legislation include the control of cats and dogs, dangerous dogs, assistance animals used by people with a disability and seized animals.

As with all other NSW councils, Moree Plains Shire Council’s approach to pet ownership and animal management is governed by The Companion Animals Act. Important information about pet identification, lifetime registration the responsibilities and rights of pet owners under The Companion Animals Actis summarised at 'Cats and Dogs.' Details of the legislation are available at the Companion Animals Act 1998.

Companion Animals Policy

The Companion Animals Policy contains information about responsible pet management for the benefit of the whole community. Council has adopted a Companion Animals Policy to promote responsible pet ownership. Council will manage companion animals through community education, improved facilities and equitable access to public parks for all residents and visitors.

The purpose of this policy is to:
  • Promote harmony and equitable access to parks and gardens.
  • Promote the rights and responsibilities of animals and their owners in balance with the rights and responsibilities of others in the community.
  • Encourage and reinforce responsible companion animal ownership
  • Establish guidelines for identifying sufficient, suitable off-leash parks for dog exercise.
  • Manage companion animal ownership through education and information using sanctions as a last resort.
  • Educate non-pet owners and children on animal behaviour and how to interact with other people’s pets.
  • Educate the general community about the benefits of pet ownership, particularly in relation to physical and emotional health of pet owners.
 Strategic Companion Animals Management Plan
Deceased Pets
In the interests of maintaining an accurate NSW Companion Animals Register, owners are asked to please notify the Council about deceased animals. Information should include:
  •  The pet’s microchip identification number
  •   Owner’s name and address
  •   Approximate date that the animal died.


Hendra Virus

Links to further information and fact sheets

     NSW Health

null www.health.nsw.gov.au


     NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI)


null www.agriculture.nsw.gov.au


Off-Leash Areas

As there is no specific designated areas where people can walk and exercise their dogs in Moree, we do like to encourage the use of the old stock route

 Pet Education

Pet ownership makes an enormous difference in people's lives, and parks where the public can gather with their pets draw people together, build community and break down isolation.

Ranger Services brings pet education to the local primary schools, promoting awareness to children about the needs and responsibilties of being a responsible pet owner.

 Not another barking dog
Pet Identification and Lifetime Registration

What you need when to registering your pet with Moree Plains Shire Council.

 Lifetime Registration Form


Restricted Breeds and Declared Dangerous Dogs

Any dog found biting a human or attacking another animal can be declared a dangerous dog. Fines for Dangerous Dogs range up to $5,000.00.

Stray Animals, Missing Pets and Animals in need of New Homes

Information regarding owned impounded animals and pets in need of new homes.

All unregistered dogs and cats are held for 7 days prior to being sold or destroyed.

All registered dogs and cats are held for 14 days prior to being sold or destroyed.


All dogs and cats must be micro chipped and registered on release from pound.


For release of impounded dogs and cats phone: 02 6757 3245 

After hours emergency contact phone number:  02 6757 3222


Fees and charges

Release fee - first offence


Release fee - second offence or additional
Sustenance Fee per day
Registration of a non desexed dog or cat
Not recommended for desexing
Registration of a desexed dog or cat
Registration of a desexed dog or cat owned by a pensioner
Registration of a non desexed dog or cat owned by registered breeder
Registration of a desexed dog or cat sold by animal shelter

Moree Plains Shire works closely with the Animal Welfare and Moree's RSPCA they encourages pet owners if they are leaving town and are unable to find a suitable home for your beloved pet please contact any of the below numbers:

Moree Plains Shire Council
Animal Welfare League
Ranger Services
Jenny Smith
Susie Deery
02 6757 3245 0427591988 0467 525 000 


Further Sources of Information
Frequently Asked Questions


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Ranger Jock JonesCouncil's Ranger Jock Jones, a recognised member of the Australian Institute of local Government Rangers, with fifteen (15) years experience in his role.

Jock is a well known figure in the community and is passionate about his contribution to the community through his assistance in the recovery and care of all animals.
If it is a stray cat, or a slithering snake, Jock is responsible for the careful removal and rehousing of the animal, along with micro chipping, pet education and animal call outs.

 02 6757 3222