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Moree Ski Lakes - Let the excitement begin

The Moree Water Park consists of two water ski lakes 800 metres long and built in compliance with International and Australian water skiing standards. The third lake will be 1.2 kilometres long, over 200 metres wide and designed as a circuit lake for a wide range of water sports.


The family friendly facility will be designed to cater for an array of water based activities such as water skiing, rowing, dragon boat racing, jet skiing, wakeboard, canoeing and kayaking. There will also be a range of proposed shore-based facilities such as vehicle and vehicle/trailer parking areas, amenities, clubhouse, viewing areas and landscaping.


The lakes will be filled primarily by spent artesian spa water discharged from the Moree Artesian Aquatic Centre (MAAC) and the artesian spa precinct made possible by the construction of a seven kilometre pipeline stretching from the MAAC to the Evergreen Precinct.


The Evergreen Precinct is located approximately 8km south of Moree New South Wales, an area of land purchased by Council to provide opportunities for environmentally sustainable activities. After an intensive search, the Evergreen Precinct was selected on the basis that it is one of the few flood free areas with suitable soils and underlying geology with no direct connection to ground water, essential requirements for the approved or proposed activities for the Precinct.




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