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Moree Plains Shire is committed to environmental sustainability. We want to preserve the environment and lifestyle that make our Shire such a great place to live, work and play.
During consultation for our Moree Plains 2035 Community Strategic Plan, the Moree Plains community expressed a number of environmental goals.  These goals are shown in the speech bubbles below. The text beside the speech bubbles describe the context in which the goals were set and outlines some of the actions we, as a community, need to take to achieve our environmental goals.
We need to look at long term sustainability in terms of solar power and organic farming practices
The Shire’s economy is heavily reliant on the natural environment, with most income generated by the agricultural sector. We recognise that the environment must be safeguarded to ensure the long term prosperity of the region. This requires a concerted effort from all community members to minimise land-use impacts on the natural environment, utilise proactive environmental rehabilitation initiatives (where appropriate) and grow the population without impacting on the environment.




We are in a drought-prone area and a well-secured water supply is highly necessary
Healthy waterways also play a vital role in our environment, supporting our ecosystem, supplying drinking water, maintaining agriculture, tourism and other businesses. The Shire’s rivers, waterways and wetlands, and ‘green’ corridors also provide important natural landscapes and recreational places for the community. Water may not always be plentiful – all members of the community have a responsibility to continue with initiatives to promote wise, appropriate and productive water consumption.
We want to protect pur water supply from impacts of mining, including coal seam gas extraction
In addition, the proposed exploration for coal seam gas (CSG) within the Shire has also given rise to concerns regarding the ongoing water supply for the community. Because of the significance of water to the Shire’s tourism industry, the agricultural sector and the community at large, it is essential that we protect this invaluable resource from any potential adverse impacts of CSG exploration and mining.

The environmental health of the Shire is very important for the growth of the region

It is important, in terms of both our economy and our wellbeing, that our town and villages are clean and attractive. It is important to residents’ sense of place that they feel proud of where they live, and a sense of place is important for our community’s wellbeing. Attractive built environments are also necessary to support our efforts to grow our population and economy. We are much more likely to retain residents and attract new residents and visitors if our built environments – our town and villages – are attractive and vibrant.


We need our businesses and industry to become 'green' and be productive about waste management and minimisatioin and embrace recycling

Moree Plains Shire Council will incorporate good design in developments for which it is responsible; it will also encourage good design in the developments of others. It will use green technology where appropriate; maintain parks, gardens and ovals; be proactive in providing waste management and recycling services; and make sure main streets are clean and tidy. Businesses and community members can support Council’s efforts by employing green technology where appropriate, reusing and recycling, maintaining their buildings and gardens, and removing graffiti as soon as it occurs.