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Moree is serviced by a conventional gravity sewerage system comprising of gravity sewers which direct sewage to the pumping stations for transfer to adjacent sewerage catchment areas or to the sewerage treatment plant.

Treatment Facilities:

Inlet Works
•    A balance tank for reception and of influent sewage flows and attenuation of peaks in pump sewage flows
•    Mechanically raked bar screen with manually raked bypass screen
•    An aerated grit chamber
•    Two rectangular venturi flumes for flow control and measurement

Extended Aeration Plant
•    An intermittently decanted extended aeration tank
•    Two sludge lagoons for stabilisation and maturation treatment of sludge
•    An electrical switch room containing switchgear and control equipment for the aeration tank mechanical equipment
•    Sludge drying beds
•    Maturation pond for disinfection of effluent