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Moree Plains Shire Council has compiled the following list to guide you when making tree choices in your garden:

Trees suitable for planting up to two meters from sewerage and drainage locations:

Strawberry tree Acmena smithii
Flame tree Callistemon salignus
White cypress Callistemon viminalis
Nettle tree Cercis siliquastrum
Sweet hakea Hakea laurina
Liquidambar Pittospoum phillyreoides
Honey myrtle Snow in summer


Trees suitable for planting up to four meters from sewerage and drainage locations:
Arbutus unedo Brachychiton acerifolius
Callitris columellaris Celtis australis
Strawberry tree Acmena smithii
Hakea suaveolens Liquidambar styraciflua
Melaleuca armillaaris Melaleuca lanceolata
Melaleuca linarifolia Camphor Laurel
Figs and Rubber Plants Poplars
Willows Coral Trees
Large Gum Trees Black Locust
Hoop Pines Bouganvilleas
Flame Tree River She Oak
Swamp Oak Pampas Grass
Ginnemonum camphora Ficus species
Poplus species Salix species
Erythrine species Eucalyptus species
Robinia pseudoacacia Araucaria species
Bouganvillea species Brachychitron acerifolium
Casuarina cunninghamiana Casuarina glauca
Cortaderia selloana Norfolk Island Bunya

For more information about what trees have non-vigorous roots and are suitable to plant near pipes please ask your local nursery.