Home Sewerage Cockroaches


Cockroaches live and breed in our sewer system. They thrive on the build-up of fats and oils in sewer lines.
Starve cockroaches by keeping your drains clean!

Easy Control Methods

Chemical control methods alone cannot effectively control cockroaches.

DON’T pour fats and oils down the drain.
DON’T leave dirty dishes over night.
DON’T let grease accumulate on benches and behind stoves.

DO clean up after food preparation.
DO store food in sealed containers.
DO use a biodegradable drain cleaner.
DO use ‘Sticky Traps’ under refrigerators and behind ovens.
DO limit available water through open containers and leaky taps.
DO use a sink strainer to catch food scraps for your compost or garbage bin.
DO put plugs in sinks at night so cockroaches cannot come up the drain.

Natural Repellents and Baits

Ends of cucumbers left in the cupboard until they shrivel repel cockroaches.
Tea-tree oil wiped over shelves repels cockroaches.
Mix equal parts of borax and honey as bait. Make sure they are out of reach of children and pets.
Use non-toxic ‘Sticky Traps’ available from hardware stores