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Compostable bags

compostable bags


Compostable bags are manufactured from natural plant products such as corn starch and provide nutrition to micro-organisms that live in compost. Microbes use them as food and break them down without disrupting the natural process of compost.


The green compostable bags Cleanaway provides, totally break down in the compost heap within 6 weeks. Compostable bags should be stored under cool, dry conditions, otherwise they start breaking down prematurely!


You can order these compostable bags by calling 1300 736 719. When the driver empties your green or yellow bin he/she will deliver them to you.



Bio-Degradable Bags



biodegradable-bagBio-degradable bags are made from plastics which break down slowly through chemical and physical processes. These types of bags often leave small pieces behind. Bio-degradable often really means the plastic merely disintegrates into smaller pieces instead of being totally degraded.


Bio-degradable plastics cause problems in the composting process by preventing aeration needed to get oxygen into the process and disruption to moisture retention. The persistent pieces that remain in the compost product are unsightly and serve no beneficial purpose.







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