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Concealed leaks caused by broken or cracked pipes on the customer's side of the water meter are the responsibility of the property owner. This is common practice across Australia. Customers should keep an eye on their water usage by reading the meter regulary to check for leaks.



Null How to read your water meter and detect leaks

How to save 50 litres of water per day

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Artesian Basin

In the Moree Plains Shire some communities source their water from a large underground water supply called the Artesian Basin.
Moree Plains Shire Council provides water to the towns of Moree, Pallamallawa, Boggabilla, Mungindi, Garah, Gurley, Boomi and Weemelah.

Moree’s town water comes from the Sub Artesian Basin; however sources of water differ among the smaller towns. Each town’s water supply is outlined below:

Potable and Non Potable




The Great Artesian Basin is the largest artesian groundwater basin in the world!

It underlies approximately one-fifth of Australia and extends beneath the arid and semi arid parts of New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and the Northern Territory.

Stretches from the Great Dividing Range to the Lake Eyre Depression.

Covers a total area of over 1.7 million km˛

Estimated total water storage of 8700 million megalitres (one megalitre is equivalent to half the water in an Olympic swimming pool)
The Artesian Basin




To provide treated water to towns and non-potable water to villages within the Moree Plains Shire.

Treated water from sub artesian bores supplies water to Moree and Pallamallawa.  Treated river water is supplied to Mungindi on the Barwon and Boggabilla on the MacIntyre rivers.  Boggabilla has a dual water supply system with half the water being filtered and disinfected for household uses and the other half is disinfected only, for yard uses, this reduces the treatment costs required for Boggabilla.