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Driveway Access Application Form

You must apply on this application form if you want to:


Construct a new or structurally modify a private driveway on a public road. This includes construction of private property access over a public footpath, nature strip or roadside verge.
Construct or modify kerb and gutter or footpath paving on a public road or road reserve.
Approval is required from Council ONLY if a vehicular crossing falls within the Council road reserve.

Application for Driveway Access Crossing

Vehicular Crossing-Driveway Policy                               


Event and Road Closure Application


Approvals for all events (street marches, parades, cycle races, street parties, etc) are now required to be processed in accordance with the RTA "Guide to Traffic and Transport Management for Special Events".
Please note that applications for events may be required to be made up to 6 months in advance. All applications must be submitted at least 6 weeks before the event and should detail the following:
Name and full contact details of person responsible for the event
Full details of public liability insurance
Dates and times of the event and the exact route details of the event
Approximate numbers of participants
Any other information considered to be relevant (eg. traffic management proposals, marshalling details, proposed road closures).   


_________________ _

Road Opening Permit

To provide a standard policy for the managment of public space openings and restorations that will minimize Council's risk exposure and limit damage to Council's assets. 

Moree Plains Shire Road Maps

Do you need to get from Point A to Point B?
Moree Plains Shire Council has a number of downloadable/printable maps to help you navigate around our extensive road network whether it be on black soil roads, gravel or sealed.

Shire Roads Map





 If you should have trouble in viewing the attached documents copies of this are available from:
Customer Service Centre

Level 2, Max Centre Arcade

30 Heber Street

Moree NSW 2400